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05-29-2024 - 22:01:02

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Track: Shawnee Tribe   

HB 3838   Grants the Office of Tribal Relations to consult certain sources and obtain information necessary to fulfill related duties.
Bill History: 04-04-24 S Voted from committee - Do Pass Senate General Government
04-04-24 S Referred to Senate Committee Senate Appropriations
04-12-24 S Dead pursuant to the rules

HB 4129   Directs the Dept. of Education, in consultation with federally recognized tribes to develop and make available to public schools curriculum related to Native American history meeting certain standards.
Bill History: 01-18-24 H Filed
02-06-24 H Referred to House Committee on House Common Education
03-01-24 H Dead pursuant to the rules

SB 1564   Allows political subdivisions to receive and utilize funds from the State or Tribal governments for certain predetermined purposes.
Bill History: 04-22-24 G Sent to the Governor
04-26-24 G Signed by the Governor (Chap: 169)
04-30-24 G Earliest Effective Date: 11/01/2024

SB 1907   Allows the Dept. of Public Safety to provide access to the motor vehicle registration information system for the Turnpike Authority's toll transportation facilities.
Bill History: 04-09-24 H Title stricken in committee House Public Safety
04-09-24 H Failed in Committee House Public Safety
04-19-24 H Dead pursuant to the rules

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